Review of the iRobot Roomba 980

Robot vacuum buying guideThe irobot roomba 980 is one of the latest roomba models with updated design and powered by new features. Irobot has taken the features of its older model and improved it. This robot vacuum has wifi connectivity and can be controlled with the new app. The Irobot Roomba 980 is listed at $899. If that price seems to be scary for you, let’s have a look at the robot and see if this model is worth the price.

What are the changes on the design of the irobot Roomba 980?

The Roomba 980 shape is basically as same as the older models. It has a round body with the bumper on the front and removable dust bin on the back. On the bottom of the device, we have one side brush and two rotating brushes. The top of the device has “Clean”, “Home” and “Spot Clean” buttons. Compared to the previous models, the (more…)

How to install a toilet seat attachment

What do we need to install toilet attachment:

Installing this bidet is an easy process. You don’t need advanced skills and it doesn’t require many tool. (more…)

Best robot vacuum for your pet hair

Pets are part of your family and one of your best friend. But, when it comes to cleaning, their hair becomes a concern.

If you are looking for the best way to remove your pet hair easily, you may consider a robot vacuum. These robots are fully automated. Your only task would be to schedule and empty up the bin when needed.

One question you may ask is: which robot vacuum for pet hair?

You are totally right, there are so many choice of robot vacuum on the market. These new device all comes with different features. Some models are then better in certain environment than another according to the characteristic of the robot.

If you are confused, this list will help you choose the best cleaning robot. As you may know, carpet is the hardest part when cleaning pet hair. In this case, the perfect robot is the one that has the proper brush, high power and good navigation system. (more…)

How to use a bidet


The bidet is one of the most useful devices when it comes to cleaning genital area for hygiene. This is a device that uses a massive water flow to give the desired cleaning without much straining. The technology started back in the fifteenth centuries, but with the advancements in science and technology, the device now comes in different designs, shapes and models.

Here is the presentation of the best Bidet attachment

You can get this product on Amazon:


Robot vacuum buying guide

Irobot vacuum cleaner
The old time where we had to walk around with the traditional vacuum is finished. Today, robot vacuums are overtaking the market. They all come with new features and proposed at different price range to meet your needs. So, no matter if you have a carpet, tile or wooden floors you can have the proper device for that.

To guide you through the process of choosing your robot vacuum, we have made this to help you. (more…)

What to consider when buying vacuum cleaners?

The vacuum cleaner robots are meant to clean the house for you. This is a complete automated robot that detects all dusts in the house without your help. At this time, many brands are lunching their vacuum cleaner robots. To make your choice, we have made this article to help you determine which characteristics you need to consider. (more…)

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

How to Choose a Vacuum CleanerHow to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner? Nowadays, vacuum cleaner is also having that 21st century touch. We can see many models on the market with several features to choose from. In order to help you for your purchase, we are providing you this small guide. Points that are going to be discussed on this guide:... Read More »