How to use a bidet


The bidet is one of the most useful devices when it comes to cleaning genital area for hygiene. This is a device that uses a massive water flow to give the desired cleaning without much straining. The technology started back in the fifteenth centuries, but with the advancements in science and technology, the device now comes in different designs, shapes and models.

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how to use a bidet toilet

No toilet paper


How do we use the bidet

Besides the use in the cleaning of the genital areas, the device has also been used as part of the green technology. They have been instrumental in the elimination of the toilet papers and have brought significant benefits to the users on matters related to the skin such as the hemorrhoids and the rashes.

The device could be new to many people. However, when traveling to countries through the Latin America, Europe, China and East Asia, their presence is inevitable. This means that one ought to learn how to use a bidet and here is how.


The primary purpose of the bidet toilet is to maintain the hygiene. This means that one has to make use of the toilet first before using it. However, the device can be used both as an alternative to tissue paper as well as hygienic purposes.

Comfort control

The temperature and water flow саn bе controlled easily. It is advised tо tаkе оff the pants fоr better uѕе оf the dеviсе. The temperature, аѕ wеll аѕ the strength оf the jеt, should bе adjusted fоr comfort. There аrе controls to achieve this. Cаrе should bе tаkеn when mаking the adjustments since ѕоmе оf the devices hаvе high jеtѕ, and the temperature diffеrеnсе might bе vеrу narrow. Sоmе require the holding оf the controls tо mаintаin the preferred settings.


Finally, position yourself on the jets for the water to hit the desired area. The jet cleans the area without using the hands. Some have a dryer that one can use to dry the skin. Others require patting with a toilet paper. Run the jet at slow pressure to rinse it.

After viewing how to use a bidet, the following information explains how to install bidet.


Installing your bidet has never been easier. With a bidet attachment, it became incredibly easy turning your toilet into a lever controlled bidet.

You no longer need space for your bidet or a plumber to come and install it. No tools are needed and it is very easy to fix.

You might be wondering how we can install a bidet attachment without tools and no plumbing experience. Well, we will show you with few steps how it is done.

Following these steps will make it easy to install your bidet toilet seat, and you can even say that you did it yourself. Most bidet toilet seat attachments come with everything you need. Usually, they include the bidet, a t-adapter to connect the device with the water supply and the hose.

You can also view the resume of the bidet installation process by clicking here.


  • Close the water supply and flush tank to empty any remaining water.
  • Take the toilet seat off.
  • Place the bidet on the toilet rim with the help of the holes to position the device.
  • Attach the seat and hold it with provided screws.
  • Disconnect the Flexible hose from the flush tank.
  • Connect the t-adapter to the water tank.
  • Attach the Flexible hose to the T-adapter.
  • Connect the bidet hose to the adapter.
  • Connect the other end to the bidet inlet.
  • Turn on the water supply.
  • The bidet is ready for use

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